About Us. The Funniest Clowns in the Whole Wide World is New York's oldest entertainment company specializing in entertaining children. Created in 1984 by Silly Billy, New York's top children's entertainer, every performer has done more than 200 shows.

Each Clown Is Trained By The Best In New York. Silly Billy trains each of his performers and keeps a constant watch over their growth and development as entertainers. Because Silly Billy is also a performer, not just a businessman, he has the experience, skill and pride that keeps his Funniest Clowns better trained than clowns from other companies.

Highlights of our service include:
  • Talented performers, who love children, each with over 200 shows under their belt.
  • Immediate attention when booking, with personalized service.
  • Low prices.

Every One Hour Show Contains All This:

  • 60 minutes of hilarious entertainment that will keep the children glued to the show
  • A very funny magic show with lots of participation
  • The birthday child helps the magician do the magic
  • Face painting for all the children (and adults too!)
  • Balloon Twisting for all the children. Each child chooses a balloon animal, balloon heart or balloon sword.
  • “Tattoos” for all the children
  • Birthday Present for the birthday child
  • A lifetime of memories

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There's Lots To Choose From:

In addition to the standard show, you can get even more than that! Or, get a famous character along with your clown. All our performers take great pride in our appearance. Sometimes, if you have lots of children at the party, we recommend shows longer than one hour. We also provide walk-around entertainment for street fairs, carnivals, or corporate events. And of course, we have many more entertainment choices available for your party.

Get Even More Than That!

As you move up in price, the clowns have more years of experience entertaining thousands of kids. These are our Specialty Clowns. They do the same show as described above, plus they also add their own specialty. This way you can choose a performer who matches exactly your preferences and needs.


Choose from:

Ukulele Sing-Along
Musical Games
Expert Face Painting
Caricature of Birthday Child
Expert Balloon Twister

OR Get A Famous Character Along With Your Clown

Have any of your child’s favorite characters from TV
or the movies come visit him on his special day.

Our unique one hour character shows are “Half & Half.” First, an expert clown entertains the children with magic, face painting, and balloons. Then, he changes into the character and plays musical games followed by photos with each guest. Polaroid cameras are provided and the frames for the pictures are FREE.



Because some young children may be afraid of clowns with make-up, our clowns can either arrive at the party in full make-up, limited make-up, or no make-up at all. Whichever you choose, children always recognize them as clowns by their clown costumes and accessories. Their costumes are always clean, colorful, and funny. Choose from male and female clowns. Choose from zany clowns, to gentle clowns. Choose English speaking or Spanish speaking clowns.

"Anna Banana"

Shows Longer Than One Hour

If you have more than 20 children at your party you may want to consider having the clown for one and a half hours or even two hours. It takes about one minute to face paint a child and one minute to make a balloon for a child. If you had 30 guests, all the time would be taken up leaving no time for the magic show. This is when you have your entertainer for an hour and a half. This way everyone gets face painted, everyone gets a balloon, and all the children see the magic show.

Walk-Around Entertainment

Street fairs and longer sponsored events often use walk-around entertainment. Also called “strolling” entertainment, this is when your entertainer walks around the event entertaining children in an on-going basis throughout the venue. You could have jugglers walking around entertaining all the visitors, or a stilt walker, strolling magicians, or a larger than life costumed character. Or you can have several face painters sitting at a station (or sitting scattered throughout your space) face painting children for the entire time of the event. Or you can have balloon twisters strolling around your event making balloons for everyone for the whole time.

Below is a list of all the different kinds of multi-hour performers we can supply to you.

Entertainment Choices

Clown Magic Show - A very funny magic show lasting 45 - 60 minutes, with lots of audience participation. During the Halloween and December Holiday seasons, the magic show will be themed accordingly.

Balloon Twisters - Our clowns can twist tons of animals out of balloons. Kids will love balloon swords, balloon hearts and balloon hats as well.

Face Painters - Our clowns face paint onto children’s hands or face using water-based, washable, non-toxic face paints. Kids become animals or crime fighters in a flash.

Temporary Tattoo Artists - A wide array of temporary tattoos are available and are applied in 30 seconds, for days of tattoo fun.

Caricaturists - Our caricaturists are some of the City’s best. Within a few short minutes your guests have an original piece of custom art to treasure for a lifetime.

Jugglers - Our clowns juggle throughout your event or
as a festive way to greet your guests.

Unicyclists - Look out!

Stilt Walkers - Wow! For indoors or outdoors,
nothing calls attention like a ten-foot clown.

Strolling Magicians - While the kids are busy watching the clowns do their thing, the adults are entertained by a magician performing incredible sleight of hand right before their eyes.

"Loco Rico"
"Looney Tooney aka Magical Sage"

Strolling Musicians - How about a guitar-playing dude serenading your
guests as they eat their treats?

Photo Buttons - Our staff takes Polaroid photos of kids and families together, runs the photo back to the button area, and returns with a beautiful gift your guests will treasure.

Costumed Characters - We have nearly every famous costumed character you will need - to greet your young guests, shake their hands, and take photos with them.

Craft Stations such as Spin Art, Sand Art, Jewelry Making, Banner Making, Carnival Tent and much more are also available. Ask for prices.

Cotton Candy Machines and Popcorn Machines also available.



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