Magic Convention Appearances

David Kaye is a full-time professional magician. He occasionally takes time away from his busy performing schedule to appear at magic conventions. David is not a professional lecturer, he is a full-time performer. And his lectures reflect that. He teaches the “real work” from real-world experience.


In New York, where he performs more than 300 shows each year, he has been recognized as New York’s top children’s entertainer by five different publications. In addition, he received a six-page profile in the New Yorker. His client list reads like a Who’s Who. Clients include Bruce Springsteen, Susan Sarandon, Madonna, Eddie Murphy, and the Sultan of Brunei.

David appearing at TAOM

Since June 2000, David has written a monthly column for M A G I C magazine about performing magic for children. The column is called Turn It Around. Silly Billy was the first, and still only, children’s magician to appear on the cover of M A G I C magazine (September 1995). This prominent position of high visibility within the magic community will insure higher registration numbers - people eager to meet and hear what David Kaye has to say.

David mid-lecture


David has lectured at many magic conventions around the country, including these:
• Magi-Fest
• Abbott’s
• Hank Lee’s
• Blackpool (England)
• KIDabra
• Bob Little’s
• The Workshop (David Sandy)
• MAGIC Live


Feel free to contact the chairmen of these conventions for feedback on how well his lectures were received.

Topics for Lectures

David Kaye has four different one-hour lectures. He can deliver any one that you want (for any designated length of time), he can present more than one if your format allows, or he can combine key parts from several lectures to create a custom lecture for your event.

The Psychology of Performing Magic For Children
This is the newest lecture, and is the only lecture of its kind. It is first kid show lecture to teach the psychology of working with children. If you do only two or three kid shows a year or if you want to be a full-time kid show performer this lecture teaches all you need to know. Lots of fascinating info about how children think, delivered with many jokes to keep people listening. This makes it interesting not only to kid show performers but also anyone who in the audience who happens to be a parent.
Kid Show Kliff Notes
David will discuss the psychology of performing for children. Learn how to really speak to children for better kid shows. Learn the ten steps to relating better to children. Plus you will learn about the three different age groups children fall into and how to design your routines for each group. After teaching the differences between the different age groups, David performs the same trick to each of the different groups. It is fascinating to see how the children react differently to different presentations, just as the lessons predicted.

How To Perform the Perfect Kid Show Magic Trick

How to Perform the Perfeft Kid Show Trick
Learn how to routine your kid show effects. This lecture teaches 25 different techniques that you can use to entertain children. Then you will learn how to take any trick you have in the closet and, using these techniques, create a funny, engaging routine for children. Several routines are performed illustrating the different principles at work.
Solving the Top 10 Problems of Performing For Children
How to Solve the Top Ten Problems of Performing for Children
Everything you need to know about performing for children that isn’t about the magic. You learn how to eliminate distractions like: parents talking, babies interrupting, children yelling out “I know that one.” Learn the five steps to handle any problem, plus hundreds of funny lines that you can say to eliminate distractions and control your audience without seeming like a bully.
Power Marketing For Magicians
Power Marketing for Magicians

This lecture teaches you how to analyze every aspect of your business to become the busiest performer in your area. Includes dozens of marketing ideas divided into three sections called Marketing Before the Show, Marketing During the Show, and Marketing After the Show. Learn what helped Silly Billy become the top kid show performer in New York City.

Og the Magnificent, A Stage Act
Og the Magnificient


As a way for your convention to get more out of David’s appearance, he is available to perform a stage act specifically designed for magic conventions. Og the Magnificent is a seven-minute comedy act for your evening show. (It’s not a kids act, it’s for everyone.)

Og performs!

Og performs!


The premise is that Og was found frozen in a glacier. He lived on Earth 30,000 years ago, and was likely the first magician on the planet. He has just been defrosted and is appearing at your convention for his comeback performance.


His act is full of references to modern magic icons, but done with caveman props. It is very funny. Feel free to request a tape.