Description of Show

SILLY BILLY has been a full-time children's entertainer for more than fifteen years. He presents himself to the children as a clown who performs magic, but in fact he is really a Comedian for Kids. Performing 30 shows every month, Silly Billy is famous for entertaining the adults as well as the children. He can handle a theater with hundreds of people, or a living room with ten. The show can be from 45 - 90 minutes long, whatever is needed. He is also available for walk-around style entertainment with his collection of wacky props and balloon twisting expertise.

Silly Billy's Birthday Party Show

The birthday party show is in 3 parts.

1. Magic show - First there is funny magic show with lots of participation. The magic tricks are geared specifically to the ages of the children in the audience. The children get very excited as they are laughing, pointing, and screaming with delight. "Googily-Googily!"

2. Join-in Storytelling - Then he performs join-in storytelling where children are dressed in balloon costumes (which are inflated and twisted right there), and everyone tells a story together. You can choose from twenty classic tales like Cinderella, Peter Pan, Three Little Pigs, etc.
      Children as circus animals            
              Children ready for the circus play              



3. Balloons - Everyone (no matter the number of children) will get a balloon from Silly Billy. This will either be a magic wand balloon or a balloon sword or balloon heart.


Children celebrating the finale at the Museum of the City of New York. (Don't worry, no confetti at home parties!)