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Silly Billy has been named
"Best Children's Entertainer in New York"
by the five publications below.

"Silly Billy has a knack for the sort of mischievous Looney Tunes jokes and asides that get parents as well as kids giggling."

"From the moment he begins to the show's finale, he's got the whole room eating out of his hand."
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"The Michaelangelo of balloon sculpture. He handles obstreperous toddlers and sophisticated 6-year olds deftly and seems to genuinely like children."
"Nobody laughs at a clown pulling in a hundred grand-except kids-that is."
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Press From New York Publications
"A zany magician who lives up to his name."
"Silly Billy may be the best-known children's party clown in New York City."
-Julie Salomon
"New York City's most successful children's party clown."
-Anemona Hartocollis
"The No. 1 birthday party clown in Manhattan."
- Frank Rich

"The Clown Prince lives up to his name, performing the magic and rev-'em-up comedy that have made him a legend."

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"A successful professional clown."
-David Denby

"The king of family-party entertainers."

"Silly Billy is something of a legend on the 3 to 5 year-old party circuit."

"New York's premier children's birthday-party clown."
"A card-carrying loony."
"Manhattan's most successful party clown."

"His quirky humor is sure to leave kids clutching their stomachs with laughter."

"His special skills include magic, balloons, and eating a whole box of Mallomars in one sitting."

"A very professional magician."

"Silly Billy is a birthday party rock star."

"SI-LLY BI-LLY! SI-LLY BI-LLY! SI-LLY BI-LLY!" The toddler groupies chant in unison. They tug at Silly Billy's colorful patchwork trousers. They swarm around him. THe squirming kids fall into a laughing, hyper heap. They love Silly Billy.

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"Silly Billy, is the city's -and possibly the country's most famous children's birthday party clown."

"Look no further than Silly Billy."
-Nancy Keates
"There's no such thing as having too many toys," says Silly Billy (a.k.a David Kaye), "This is not a dinner party - the whole point is to get stuff."
-Lisa Gubernick
Press from around the country
"The top children’s clown in the city."
"One of New York's most successful birthday party clowns."
"The King of the clown circuit."
"The most successful of the city's party clowns."
"Silly Billy, the man widely considered to be Manhattan's top banana of clowning."
"David Kaye was preforming at the annual meeting of the SAM magician's."
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Press from around the world

Apple Daily-Hong Kong

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Hong Kong

"Silly Billy is Kaye's most famous character and New York's leading conjurer for children."
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The Netherlands
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"David Kaye, el mago infantil mas reconocido del mundo, paso por Colombia y hablo con CAMBIO sobre su pasion por la magia."
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