Columns from MAGIC Magazine

David Kaye is the first and only children's magician to appear on the cover of MAGIC, the nation's leading magic journal. Click here to read the cover story.

David Kaye also writes a monthly column for MAGIC. In each column, David introduces an important principle in performing magic for children. Then he shares a magic routine that illustrates this principle. David has been writing this column, which is one of the most popular features of the magazine, since June, 2000. Click below to read several of the most talked about columns in the series. Click here if you would like to contribute a routine for publication in MAGIC magazine.
Look, Don't See / PB&J
I Know That One! / Card Trick with Snake Can
It's Not the Destination It's the Ride / Crystal Silk Tube
Using Magic in School Shows / Chen Lee Water Suspension
Performing Outdoors / Professor's Nightmare