If your kids love scary stuff, they will love...
See Dr. Blood poke his eye out with a fork! Yuck!

Scream as Dr. Blood plunges a screwdriver through his tongue!

Quiver as Dr. Blood slices his arm with a 10-inch kitchen knife!

Shriek as Dr. Blood punctures his arm with a 12-inch needle! Ouch!

And witness many more horrible acts right before your eyes!

We all know that, like it or not, some children love blood and guts. Dr. Blood is the only show of its kind that taps into this.
Med School, Shmed School!
This one hour, two-part show includes:
First: A Funny, Scary, Really Gross Magic Show.
Dr. Blood arrives dressed in bloody scrubs. He is a demented doctor.

He introduces the show with a short story about a trip into the jungle where he met an evil witch doctor. This witch doctor tried to scare Dr. Blood by showing him frightening experiments. Dr. Blood will be performing those same experiments for the children.

Then he performs a magic show, disguised as a display of scary experiments. He starts out gently with simple non-threatening tricks. He moves on to grosser magic tricks like chopping off his hand, and poking out his eye. He builds up to the finale where he seemingly saws through the stomach of the birthday child with a real Black and Decker power saw.

Free funeral if you are scared to death.
Then: Everyone Learns To Do Gross Tricks.

In the second half hour of the show Dr. Blood teaches all the children how to do really gross tricks themselves so they can scare their own friends. In this part Dr. Blood gives the children a Dr. Blood Kit. It contains lots of cool, gross stuff that the children keep, which means you don't have to provide party favors. The Dr. Blood kit is the party favor. This saves you money and time.

Dr. Blood teaches the children exactly how to use the items in their Dr. Blood kits to scare their friends and family.

In addition to all that, Dr. Blood gives the birthday child a super-delux Dr. Blood kit just for him or her. This is a box filled with great stuff, with a retail value of $25.

It's a lot of fun. And the kids love it!

Hey Dr. Blood, what's the psychology behind your show?

Dr. Blood presents a funny magic show where all the tricks are bloody and gory. But the kids know that it is all fake. They enjoy being frightened when they know it really isn't dangerous.

The basis of the show lies in the fact that kids like the feeling that they are at risk, when they know deep down that they aren't. For example, kids love going into a Haunted House at the carnival. They like to put themselves in situations that feel scary, but actually aren’t dangerous. When people ride a roller coaster, they feel like they're in danger, but they know it's actually safe.

The Dr. Blood show is a chance for children to experience the thrill of being scared, without the consequences.

For children 7 & Up.

You know they will love it. Do you dare tell them?
My 5-year old wants to be scared. Can you help me, doctor?

Dr. Blood has recently added a kinder, gentler version of his show for 5 and 6 year olds. This toned down show gets the children scared, but is much sillier than the older Dr. Blood show.

DR. BLOOD. He's running out of patients.