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David Kaye is a professional children's entertainer based in New York City. Using comedy, magic, and balloon twisting, he is best known as the clown character Silly Billy. From the New Yorker to David Letterman, from Lincoln Center to Hong Kong, he has received high praise for his unique style. David has achieved great success in several different areas of entertaining children throughout his career.

When David Kaye was six years old his father brought him to see a magic show. From that moment, he was hooked on magic.

Following his graduation from Northwestern University, he found himself in a job he didn’t enjoy. After quitting his job David immediately began to perform magic in the streets of Manhattan.

Kids smiling
Silly Billy with happy girl

During the three years he street performed people would come up to him and ask him to perform magic at their child’s party. This was when David created the clown character Silly Billy.

Silly Billy is a comedian for children who uses magic and balloon twisting as the medium for his comedy. His core audience is 3-8 year olds. One of his main attractions is that he is not only funny to the children, but he simultaneously delivers comedy for the adults in the audience. (The same way that Sesame Street and Disney movies have jokes only for the adults.)

Street performing on 5th Avenue
Silly Billy’s hilarious, edgy style took New York by storm. Years of successful magic shows at children’s parties led to widespread positive word of mouth. Silly Billy received loads of press including a feature story in the New Yorker, and being named New York’s best children’s magician by five different New York magazines.
Performing at a street fair on 6th Avenue
Silly Billy in Japan
Eventually, Silly Billy had to turn people away because he was booked solid for months in advance. That was when he created The Funniest Clowns in the Whole Wide World. This children's entertainment agency would book other clowns to perform at Silly Billy’s overflow. This division has now grown to offer many different kinds of entertainment at many different price levels.
Street performing in Japan
Unlike other agencies, David individually trains and manages each member of his staff in his troupe. These highly skilled performers travel throughout the tri-state area entertaining children with magic and clowning.
Business continued to grow and David realized that his many repeat customers were growing up and out of his target market. This led to the creation of Dr. Blood. In this show Dr. Blood does really gross things like poking out his eye and chopping off his hand. This scary, gross, and funny show is the only one of its kind in the country. Dr. Blood was an instant hit, and children continue to beg their mothers to have Dr. Blood come to their homes to “saw through my stomach.”
Dr. Blood
Dr. Blood

David is known as an expert on children and comedy. He consults with companies that want to know how to make children laugh, including Children's Television Workshop (Sesame Street), and a multinational restaurant chain. Occasionally, David performs stand-up comedy in Manhattan clubs, including Caroline's.

In 1995, David Kaye became the only children's magician to be on the cover of MAGIC, the leading international magic magazine. He is now in his sixth year of writing a monthly column about performing for children in MAGIC. He has since graced the covers of three other major magazines in his industry, Genii, M.U.M., and Funny Paper. He is in great demand around the country to speak at magic conferences, and has created a line of magic products used by magicians to entertain children all over the world.

Silly Billy on the cover of MAGIC magazine

Who knows what the next chapter in David’s career will be. If his track record is any indication, whatever he does, he will be wildly successful at entertaining children, in a way that has never been done before.